Hansson PyroTech is informing about our current status with regards to the Corona situation in the world.

Hansson PyroTech is still operating with almost full capacity. Due to the restictions in child care and the insistence from the government to stay at home if showing symtoms we also get affected to some extent.

What we can already see, is that some flight connections are getting cancelled and that this can result in more expensive alternatives or delays in delivery.
We have sent the following information to our customers:

Due to the Corona virus continuous spread worldwide, our supply chain and thus our own production is negatively affected. As a consequence of that, our delivery to You may be impacted. According to contract law, this is a Force Majeure event. Therefore, we reserve our rights to claim time extension if, and when an actual delivery delay will occur due to the Corona virus.
We are doing our outmost to mitigate the effect on Your delivery as much as possible. We will keep you informed as we have more details on the potential actual delay.

We hope this will not interfere to much with our common daily operations.

/The Hansson team