IKAROS Hand Flare Red

The IKAROS handheld distress flare is designed to give maximum output from a minimum size container.

The IKAROS Hand Flare red is a day and night, short-range distress signal flare for ships, lifeboats and life rafts. It is also the best pinpoint signal for recreational boats.

The IKAROS distress flare has been developed from the IKAROS parachute flare, which is known to be the best in the world. The case is made of corrosion-resistant steel and carries clear and simple instructions for use. IKAROS hand flare have been approved globally and meet the latest SOLAS regulations.


Hand flare RED

Light intensity 15,000 cd
Burning duration >60 s
Smoke time -
Dimensions 243 x 30 mm
Weight 225 g
Ref. no. 34 15 00
USCG no. 160.121/EC0575/MEDB00005F3


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